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This is Tanzite, not wood!




The Cost of Wood Decking

When it comes to decks, the natural look of wood is often preferred, but it comes at a cost: constant maintenance with Sundays dedicated to sanding, painting, staining, or sealing. Activities that we all enjoy doing… right?

Fortunately, there is a product that will allow you to build a deck once and for all!

Tanzite lightweight stones have a great natural and authentic look. Whether you want your deck to have the charm of the old paved streets of Europe or the warmth of natural wood, we got you covered!

Wood Decks

Rot, Split, Swell, Twist, and Fade

Tanzite STONEDECKS will stay very stable, won’t fade from the sun, and won't be damaged by mold or mildew.

Require Annual Painting, Staining, or Sealing

Tanzite STONEDECKS will save you precious time and energy. Build it once, and it will maintain the same look over the years.

Can be Easily Scratched by a Dog, a Heavy Chair, or a Rock Stuck in your Shoe.

Tanzite STONEDECKS will handle these aggressions without any scratches.

Say goodbye to splinters and hello to


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Tanzite STONEDECK is virtually maintenance-free and extremely durable!
Arrow Tanzite.png

This is Tanzite, not wood!

Tanzite STONEDECK Advantages 

  • Lifetime warranty*

  • Low Maintenance

  • Scratch-proof 

  • Use it in curve designs

  • Use it for creative inlay design

  • Damage-free from shovels and salt

  • Fade-free: it will look amazing in 20 years

  • Red wine stain proof

  • Waterproof: mold or mildew will not damage it

  • Easy to clean: pressure washing won't damage it

  • ​Easy to repair

Use Tanzite for Any Deck Project 

Tanzite STONEDECKS are flexible and lightweight to use on any deck application.

They can easily cover existing wood or vinyl decks, stairs, balconies, living space decks, and rooftops.

It can cover stairs and landings, concrete or paving stone, and be laid directly on the ground.

Cover Wood Decks


Balconies & Rooftops


Stairs & Landings

Tanzite STONEDECK doesn’t scratch, stain, or fade like wood!

Shop Tanzite Wood Collection

We created 3 Tanzite wood-like colors that look good in 3 different sizes: the Bullnose Corner, the Bullnose, and the Plank.  These stones will help you add creative inlay designs, including curves.